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Security Gates Scotland

Looking for security gates in Scotland? Braemax offers high quality, secure sliding gates in Scotland for commercial clients. Our security gates are available as both manual and automatic gates, and are perfect for use in industrial premises.

With years of experience installing secure sliding gates, we have become recognised as an industry leader for business premises security.


Secure & Reliable

Our highly secure metallic gates ensure that your business location is protected as best as possible from unwanted visitors.

Cost Effective Security

At Braemax, we have a range of fitting options available - tailored to suit all business budgets & requirements.

Secure Sliding Gates in Scotland

Braemax have been supplying and installing security gates to businesses large and small for decades. Our highly experienced team can assist in installing both automatic and manual security sliding gates straight onto your business premises. Fully electric sliding gates to restrict public access to your commercial property. The perfect solution to use in both commercial and industrial premises.

Our sliding gates have been specifically designed to offer high reliability solutions for a wide range of vehicle access points, where high levels of security are required.  Our security gates can span widths of up to 14m. Each and every one of our sliding gates are custom built, and are designed to your exact dimension and style requirements. A sliding gate from Braemax will fit seamlessly onto your business premises.

Manufactured to the very best quality – our sliding security gates have been tried & tested for quality assurance. Thanks to our rich history in supplying and installing, our sliding gates have been recognised as some of the very best in the industry for securing your business premises. Gates are engineered to allow bolt down fixing to suitable concrete pads with the track being sunk into a concrete trough before the gate is delivered. This allows gate delivery and installation to be carried out in a matter of hours, hassle free. We also offer secure vehicle barriers for car parks and other business premises.

security gate in scotland
security gate in scotland

Perfect for Industrial Premises

Designed to offer high reliability solutions for vehicle access points where high levels of security are required. Available in both manually operated and automatic versions. All sliding gates are custom built to your exact requirements.

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secure sliding gate in scotland

Manufactured To The Highest Standards

Gates can be manufactured with a
range of infill options, from vertical bar,
weldmesh, timber cladding or decorative
steel options - allowing us to match your
existing site or corporate identification. We can install induction loops for safety
enhancement or free exit as required.

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Available In a Range of Sizes & Colours

Your sliding gate should fit seamlessly into your business premises. Our sliding gates are available in a wide range of different designs & colours, meaning we have a sliding gate suitable for your business location. Contact us today for a quote.

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Commercial Security Gates in Scotland

Get extra piece of mind for your commercial establishment, and your business security. Sliding security gates in Scotland are an ideal solution for business premises where there is not enough room on site for a full swing gate to fully open. Sliding gates provide you with the full security of a swing gate, but without taking up as much room.

Our commercial security gates are perfect for both vehicle & pedestrian control – providing extra security for your business premises. At Braemax, our dedicated and experienced team ensure that your security gates meet your specific requirements that fit your premises best.

Our wide range of sliding security gates include heavy duty gates, which provide the optimum solution for vehicle access control at high security business facilities. All of our sliding security gates are individually manufactured to match your requirements.

Safety is an integral component of our design philosophy, and the standard safety system fitted to all our automated sliding gates meets or exceeds all current and emerging safety legislation and includes category 3 leading edge safety buffers and twin photocells. In addition, we are able to install induction loops for safety enhancement or free exit as required.

About Braemax

With over 12 years experience installing, maintaining and supporting security systems, including sliding gates in Scotland. Braemax Ltd is your first for a reliable partner.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to provide the most cost-effective, durable and reliable security solutions to protect all types of business and residential premises. Our dedicated and knowledgeable engineers provide the very best in system maintenance and customer care, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind.

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    1.) Why Are Security Gates Important?

    The importance of a security gate is validated with one simple word. Safety. Above all else safety is the main thing that a security gate aims to and succeeds at providing. The protection of the people and any valuables within your premises is greatly bolstered by the addition of a security measure such as a gate. The restricted access from unwanted persons or vehicles reassures yourself and your employees that their safety has been ensured. Furthermore, insurance companies are keenly aware of the benefit a security gate provides, allowing premiums and costs of upkeep and repairs to reduce, as no third party will be able to gain access and cause damages to the property.

    2.) How Do Electric Sliding Gates Work?

    The way in which an electric sliding gate functions is quite simple; they utilise an electric motor which opens a sliding gate panel. The panel may either be on a track with wheels and run along the ground, or it may use a cantilever system. Electric sliding gates operate by remote control, meaning a simple button press on the provided remote allows for easy open and close actions. Some electric gates will close automatically whilst others may require the user to close it with the remote control. Should the remote control ever be broken or misplaced, the sliding gate should have a keypad installed to allow for another method of operating it. Automatic opening and closing of sliding gates can be configured to not operate within certain hours such as night-time or weekends.

    3.) Do Security Gates Reduce Crime?

    Installing a security gate for your business provides a dramatic increase in the security and safety of your business premises, creating a massive deterrence to unwanted trespassers and even potential criminals. A security gate will provide 24/7 protection and defence reliably and furthermore removes the need to employ a security team to guard your property.  The most common types of crimes committed on business premises are ‘smash and grab’ robberies, which involve criminals breaking through doors, windows, or roofs to quickly burgle valuables and money from the business. A security gate acts as an immediate barrier that prevents any criminals from committing petty crimes such as these, unable to breach the premises in a simple and quick fashion will deter them from attempting to gain unauthorised access.

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